Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sterling Silver Owl Walnut Pendant

Individually handmade in South Africa with sterling silver and walnuts sourced from ancient trees in Sikkim, India, 6cms deep x 4 cms wide, chain not included. SOLD. 

Instagram: skyscraper_capetown


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1920's Ooloo & Bonzo Ceramic Containers

German porcelain 'Bonzo' tobacco jar by George Studdy marked with number 8360 SOLD 

Ooloo 14.5 cms in height by approx 10 cms wide marked with number 7588 SOLD

1920's German porcelain 'Ooloo and Bonzo' lidded containers from the cartoon series created by George Studdy, SOLD., Instagram:skyscraper_capetown


Monday, June 4, 2012

John Biccard Figurines

A rare vintage blank greeting card by John Biccard featuring Magus the camel, 16 x 11 cms SOLD

Amusing vintage John Biccard laminated print 'Ape to Cairo' with Table Mountain in the background, 20 x 27 cms SOLD

John Biccard 'Pablo' figurine SOLD

I purchased my first John Biccard figurine in Cape Town in the early 90's, it was Lawrence of Arabia in the form of a camel's head wearing an Arab headdress, it came with a very witty story about this certain camel and I have treasured it ever since.

John Biccard Lawrence of Arabia bust

John Biccard Lawrence of Arabia resting SOLD

 The Biccard Collection figurines  are made of bonded marble. I found Pablo at a market, he is a shepherd boy and one of the earlier characters produced by Biccard Studio (closed 1999), I am told he has now become the main character 'Pablo' in Biccard's new ebook 'Chessablanca' now available on Amazon. Visit to view images of his work. John Biccard has retired to the Karoo ' to live a contemplative life - steeped in the mysteries - reading, writing, gardening and communing with my horses'. Contrary to the myth, John Biccard is still alive, Biccard is not his surname but the name he uses as an artist. 

Instagram: skyscraper_capetown